Desire to awaken our inner child with DESIRE Society Orphanage, this Children’s Day!!!

As a part of Ruchoks and Rubakes Corporate Social Responsibility activity and to celebrate the occasion of forthcoming Children’s Day, we paid a visit to the DESIRE Society orphanage at Malad, Mumbai. The day started with getting to know the kids and introducing ourselves. Sharing Rubakes special meal boxes and Ruchoks special assorted chocolates, followed by relishing kids’ favourite chocolate cake, baked exclusively in Rubakes kitchen was an experience to treasure. The interactive and playful section of singing and dancing with these enthusiastic kids was the icing on the cake. The day we spent with these wonderful kids, was one of the best days of our lives. An event which was not only a grand success but also soul feeding.

DESIRE Society operates with the mission to improve the lives of orphan children by providing food, shelter, education, medical treatments, and psycho-social support to help them achieve their full life potential. The organization was founded in 2004, to extend help to young girls and boys.

Being a responsible and compassionate member of this community, each one of us should take a small step towards social initiatives and witness, how little ‘acts of kindness’ can change the world. We have truly been honored to meet these adorable girls and be a part of DESIRE Society, caring for special children.