Here’s why you should include Makhana in your daily diet

We usually aspire to make healthy food choices. However, it becomes hard to stick to a well-balanced diet when our comfort food is around all the time. Comfort food is the food that makes one feel good and satisfied. What if we tell you that even healthy can be delicious and convenient. Dibha’s Makhana is one of the best snack options that will satisfy your craving of munching on tasty bites. 

Makhana aka lotus seeds or fox nuts is said to be the new-age popcorn. It is consumed during fasts or even used as an ingredient in Indian cuisines or sweet dishesMakhana is crunchy and crispy in taste and has many myriad benefits. Now, ditch the processed foods and snack on the makhana as it is light on your tummy. 

Dibha offers a distinctive range of Makhanas that you shouldn’t miss to include in your daily diet. Try their utterly addictive Peri Peri Makhana which is spicy and tangy to taste. The minty and sweet Pudina Makhana gives a different punch. The plain Salt & Pepper Makhana tastes classic while the Tandoori Makhana nice contains smokey flavour. 

Apart from tasting great these makhanas also hold loads of nutritional benefits. Firstly they are a good source of calcium. They are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium and that is why Makhana becomes an ideal munchie to satisfy those mid-time hunger pangs. This power snack also strengthens bones and helps builds immunity. It also cures diarrhoea and is beneficial for the kidney.  

So do visit the website of ‘Dibha-Honest Snacking’ and grab your favourite flavoured Makhana!

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